May 2015 Newsletter

Dear friend of PERRLA,

I wrote about “link-baiting” a few months ago. I don’t normally like to return to the same topic so quickly – unless the topic is otters, of course. But, I saw a link-bait title the other day that is the be-all and end-all of link-bait article titles

New Find Could Change Everything!

Oh,! You are good at weather reporting AND link-baiting. You got me!

How could I NOT click that link?! I mean, if I were about to become single again OR a polygamist, I needed to know.

Feeling shame, I clicked the link only to learn that the “find that could change everything” was the discovery of a warm-blooded fish. Wow! That IS a game-changer – if you’re an ichthyologist!

Judge for yourself whether or not this will change everything. (It changed everything for the fish.)

Congrats, Graduates!

We’ve received some nice emails recently from customers who are graduating.
It makes us proud to know that we’ve helped – even just a little bit – with your journey.
For those of you who still have a long way to go, take heart. If you keep plugging away, you WILL make it!

For those of you who have graduated, give us some wisdom. What would you tell younger students who are working on their degree?Besides PERRLA, what good habits, advice, technology, etc. helped you to achieve success?  Reply to this email and share your thoughts/experiences. We’ll collect the wisdom and share it on our facebook page.

PERRLA Complete update

At this time, 3,628 of you have purchased PERRLA Complete, our new online student organizer and paper planner we released earlier this semester.
We continue to respond to your feedback and improve the product. Here are some of the things we’ve changed this semester, based on your input…
– Added a “Time Due” field to Assignments & To-Dos
– Added a global search in order to providing searching across all of your calendar events, classes, reminders, assignments, to-do’s, papers, references, and tags.
– Added an “Overview” tab to the Class module. Think of it as a Dashboard for each of your classes.  In an easy-to-read format, it shows…
  • Reminders, due or overdue today that haven’t been marked complete
  • Events that occur today
  • Incomplete assignments due within the next week
  • Incomplete papers due within the next week
  • Incomplete To-Dos due within the next week
  • Paper percentage complete if using the paper plan
We’ve got more cool things we’re working on this summer, including a very awesome feature that will help you to turn your syllabus into Assignments, reducing the chore of entering your data at the start of the semester.
Stay tuned…

Well, I’m going to keep the newsletter mercifully short this month.

I can’t leave without thanking those of you who tell others about us. It means everything to our company’s success.

Have a great summer and I’ll send another newsletter in August when we get ready to tackle the fall semester together.


Cliff Batson, COO

– Psyched that it’s still May and we’ve got the whole summer ahead of us!
– Adopt an otter here:
– You don’t actually get to take the otter home. Be cool.
– Shout out to my niece Sara… congrats on your graduation! See you this weekend.