Hello World

Hello. My name is Joey Nixon, and I’m the…..well, I don’t know what my job title is yet.

Let me start over.

Salutations. My name is Joey Nixon, and I’m the guy who is in charge of the product development and customer support teams here at PERRLA. Basically, I build stuff and fix stuff.

I will be posting my musings here from time to time. Some of those thoughts will be serious. Most of them will not.

Some days I’ll talk about PERRLA Complete and how it’s progressing along. Some days I’ll talk about some cool new features we’re discussing for PERRLA for APA and MLA. But I’ll probably spend much of my time discussing how bad I feel for Boo Berry and how Count Chocula and Franken Berry over power and over shadow him every fall. And don’t get me started on Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy coming back on the scene.

Ok. Gotta go. Hungry now. Bye.