PERRLA for APA/MLA & Word 2016 for Mac

Mac Users… as you may know, Microsoft removed the ability for software like ours to run inside of Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac.  At Apple’s insistence, Microsoft disabled third-party Word add-ins so that it could be sold in the Mac App Store. 

This only affected the Mac version of our software. PERRLA for APA/MLA for PC works perfectly with Word 2016 for Windows!

Good News! We are working on a completely new version of PERRLA for APA/MLA to work with Microsoft Word 2016 for Macs!

This new version of PERRLA for APA/MLA for Mac will run in parallel with Microsoft Word (to avoid the security issues that caused the initial problem) but will still manage the citations and references inside your Word document, as always.

We are working hard on this new version for Mac users and we expect to release it for this upcoming Fall semester.

In the meantime, if you have to write papers before this Fall, we’ll happily upgrade your PERRLA for APA/MLA account to PERRLA Complete.  With PERRLA Complete, you can write your papers online without having to use Word.  Or, you can create the title page, abstract, outline, citations, references, etc. in PERRLA Complete and then export the data as a Word document so you can type the body of your paper in Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac.

We’ll give you a project update this summer. Just know that this is important to us and we’re doing the right thing to get a great solution in your hands for Fall.

PERRLA Complete Updates: References, Papers, & more

Happy Friday!  Early in the wee hours of the day, we rolled out a bunch of new updates and tweaks for PERRLA Complete.   Most of the updates iron out a few details with papers  Here are the details:

Citations & References
We’ve gotten rid of the Citations tab inside Papers and updated the References tab to include all of your citations alongside the reference they are for.  Now you don’t have to bounce back and forth between the two to manage all of your paper’s sources.  This also frees up some space for us to introduce some great new features in the future.

Paper Overview Tab
Just like on the Class, we’re introducing a Paper Overview tab so that you can get a look at your paper’s most important information quickly.  This is just our first step in this direction.  We’ve got some really helpful features in the works that we’ll be rolling out soon.

Reference Tweaks
New edit windows!  Now when you need to edit a Reference, you’ll get a pop-up window to make the right adjustments without having to leave the page you were on.  Woo hoo!  We’ve also made some minor viewing adjustments to how we show your references.  We had a few customers run into trouble when pasting items across platforms.  All those kinks should be ironed out.

Google Said What???
We squashed some bugs that were trying to infiltrate our Google lines of communication.  Nothing left but bug jelly on the bottom of our digital boot.

Paper Writing Update
In addition to these and a few other small things, we’ve also been making solid progress on our online paper writing tool!  It’s all still under wraps, but things are starting to take shape 🙂

That’s it for this update.  We hope that these changes make PERRLA Complete even better!