PERRLA Complete Updates: References, Papers, & more

Happy Friday!  Early in the wee hours of the day, we rolled out a bunch of new updates and tweaks for PERRLA Complete.   Most of the updates iron out a few details with papers  Here are the details:

Citations & References
We’ve gotten rid of the Citations tab inside Papers and updated the References tab to include all of your citations alongside the reference they are for.  Now you don’t have to bounce back and forth between the two to manage all of your paper’s sources.  This also frees up some space for us to introduce some great new features in the future.

Paper Overview Tab
Just like on the Class, we’re introducing a Paper Overview tab so that you can get a look at your paper’s most important information quickly.  This is just our first step in this direction.  We’ve got some really helpful features in the works that we’ll be rolling out soon.

Reference Tweaks
New edit windows!  Now when you need to edit a Reference, you’ll get a pop-up window to make the right adjustments without having to leave the page you were on.  Woo hoo!  We’ve also made some minor viewing adjustments to how we show your references.  We had a few customers run into trouble when pasting items across platforms.  All those kinks should be ironed out.

Google Said What???
We squashed some bugs that were trying to infiltrate our Google lines of communication.  Nothing left but bug jelly on the bottom of our digital boot.

Paper Writing Update
In addition to these and a few other small things, we’ve also been making solid progress on our online paper writing tool!  It’s all still under wraps, but things are starting to take shape 🙂

That’s it for this update.  We hope that these changes make PERRLA Complete even better!

Updates: September 9, 2015

The semester just got under way, but we’ve already got a few minor updates rolling out.  While none of these are major, they make a few things clearer, a few others easier, and some things smoother.  That may have been too much word-play.

Anyways, here are the updates:

Paper Hover Windows:  If you’ve kept a keen eye, you’ll notice that Papers are working just a bit differently.  Instead of always being directed to a page with your paper’s details on it, you’ll first get a pop-up window with some of the basics you need to get to more frequently than others.  Don’t worry, you can always open the full page with the link at the top of the window.

Paper Tabs: We’ve updated the tab order inside your paper so that it makes more sense.  Now the tabs mirror the process of writing a paper from start to finish.

Writing Tab: We are working really hard trying to get our Paper writing tool out as soon as possible.  But, in the mean time, we’ve added a tab that gives you a little more direction about how you write the body of your paper in conjunction with PERRLA Complete.  It also has a countdown clock for when paper writing will be rolling out!

Syllabus Tool & Safari: It seems like some of our Apple Safari lovers were running into trouble with the tabs on the Syllabus Tool.  Never fear, dear Mac-ites.  We’ve updated our code to play nice with your favorite browser.

Behind the Scenes: Although you can’t see it, we’ve made some changes to the underlying structure of PERRLA Complete that will make it easier for us to integrate paper writing.  You won’t notice anything different, but trust us, it is.  And it’s better. Really!

That’s it for today’s updates.  Happy Wednesday!

Back to School Updates

It’s that most dreaded time of year…the start of another semester (faint screams in the distance).  Although you may rather have a root canal than face down yet another set of classes, papers, and exams this school year, PERRLA has been working hard all summer to make sure you can take the edge off your schoolwork.

Some of the changes are pretty huge!  And some you’ll never even notice – which is a good thing.  Here’s just a few you may see:

New Logo & Website
After many years of faithful service, our old logo and website have decided to take some time off to enjoy the finer things in life.  Their replacements are spry and eager to take PERRLA into the future with a cleaner aesthetic and an updated feel.

The Syllabus Tool has Arrived!
You may have heard about this – it’s a big deal.  We’ve finally launched our brand new Syllabus Tool in PERRLA Complete!  It lets you import all of your class’s assignments, to-do’s, papers, exams, and reminders (as well as your class details) without typing a single letter.  With our streamlined Syllabus Tool, you can import your entire semester’s worth of items into your calendar in less time than it takes to get a Starbucks Venti Skinny Mocha Caramel Frappuccino!  Seriosly, it is awesome.

Updated Paper Plan
We’ve spent some time making our Paper Planner even more helpful.  Now it hides your future and past steps (fewer distractions and dread) while also making it easier to see exactly which step you’re on.  Here’s a secret…we’ve got some more cool updates for the Paper Planner in the works for another update.

Modals are Taking Over
This is a pretty big change too.  We’ve changed how you interact with lots of your items in PERRLA Complete.  When you click on an item outside of it’s Module (like clicking a To-Do inside an Assignment), you’ll be able to see and edit that To-Do in a modal (also called a pop-up) window.  Now you won’t be taken away from whatever you’re looking at to see another item’s details.  This should make it a lot easier to edit all of your associated items wherever you are.  Just an FYI – Papers still work like they used to.  There’s just so much awesome stuff that Papers do we havent’ been able to cram it all into a single pop-up window yet!

Export Your Notes
You’ve been able to add Class notes to PERRLA Complete since we launched in January, but now you can export those notes as text documents, Word documents (.docx or .doc), and PDFs.  Now you can share your notes with what’s-his-name who was out for 3 weeks with something-or-other.

Deleting a Class
Finally done with your class?  Now we’ve refined some of the behind the scenes magic that notifies you if there are any assignments, papers, exams, etc. that are still hanging on for dear life.  Not deer life.

Exam Tweaks
We added Exams to PERRLA Complete in our last update.  Now we’ve changed them just a bit to work better.  We added the ability to create associated To-Do’s to your exam (like export your notes to study) and we’ve removed the requirement for a Start Studying date.  Although you never had to start studying before the night before, now you don’t have to feel bad about missing the date you were supposed to start!  But really, don’t wait until the night before.  Been there.  Done that.  It’s awful.

Like I said earlier, there are tons of other updates that we’ve added over the past few weeks, but these are the biggies that you’ll probably notice.  We hope they make this semester just a little less sucky!