The semester just got under way, but we’ve already got a few minor updates rolling out.  While none of these are major, they make a few things clearer, a few others easier, and some things smoother.  That may have been too much word-play.

Anyways, here are the updates:

Paper Hover Windows:  If you’ve kept a keen eye, you’ll notice that Papers are working just a bit differently.  Instead of always being directed to a page with your paper’s details on it, you’ll first get a pop-up window with some of the basics you need to get to more frequently than others.  Don’t worry, you can always open the full page with the link at the top of the window.

Paper Tabs: We’ve updated the tab order inside your paper so that it makes more sense.  Now the tabs mirror the process of writing a paper from start to finish.

Writing Tab: We are working really hard trying to get our Paper writing tool out as soon as possible.  But, in the mean time, we’ve added a tab that gives you a little more direction about how you write the body of your paper in conjunction with PERRLA Complete.  It also has a countdown clock for when paper writing will be rolling out!

Syllabus Tool & Safari: It seems like some of our Apple Safari lovers were running into trouble with the tabs on the Syllabus Tool.  Never fear, dear Mac-ites.  We’ve updated our code to play nice with your favorite browser.

Behind the Scenes: Although you can’t see it, we’ve made some changes to the underlying structure of PERRLA Complete that will make it easier for us to integrate paper writing.  You won’t notice anything different, but trust us, it is.  And it’s better. Really!

That’s it for today’s updates.  Happy Wednesday!