Trick or Treat (or Captions!)

It’s Halloween time and before everyone starts pulling out their Holiday stuff, we wanted to give you a chance to win some awesome Nigel & Serena t-shirts.

Here’s the challenge – create some hilarious captions for these two photos.  We’ll be using the best of the best to share on Facebook.  If we use yours, you’ll snag an amazing t-shirt!  So, give us your best captions (no theme necessary) and let the laughs begin!

Here’s a bit about our dynamic duo:
Serena is our upbeat mascot who is encouraging and optimistic. She can be annoyingly upbeat sometimes… but that’s how unicorns roll.
Nigel Doolittle is an under-achiever. He’s smart – but a total slacker. If he could major in sarcasm, he would.