Annotations on Mac are here!

We’ve been working hard and finally have Annotations in PERRLA for Word – Mac version 1.4.  Woo hoo!

Check out the video on how it works, or see the instruction below.

First, you’ll need to have PERRLA and your Paper open with some References in it.

Next, you’ll select PERRLA and click on the Reference menu option along the top of your computer’s display.

Reference Menu Option in PERRLA

Click on Reference and then Add Annotation.  You’ll see a sub-menu with all of the References currently in your paper listed.

PERRLA Add Annotation Menu Options

We’ll add a new paragraph for the Annotation beneath the Reference in the Reference Section.  Just select the text and type away!

Annotation Added to Reference

That’s it!  The Annotation will stick with your Reference even if it moves places in your Reference Section.  If you need to delete an Annotation, you can just highlight it in your paper and delete it just like normal text.

If you have any questions about Annotations, feel free to email our Support team at  They’re available every day from 10am to 10pm Central Time.