PERRLA Online Update: February 2018

We’ve made three updates to PERRLA that you’ll want to know about.

  1. We’ve redesigned the Paper’s Overview tab.
  2. We’ve updated the Paper Plan so it’s less for you to do and more helpful.
  3. We’ve tweaked Paper Start Dates to streamline the process for creating papers.

Let’s take a look at each of these.

In your papers, the new Overview tab shows you everything you need to manage your paper as an assignment.  In the top section, you can see and edit your paper’s details and mark you paper as finished.  In the bottom left, you can create and manage all of the To-Do’s you’ve made for your paper.  And, in the bottom right, you can see your Paper’s Plan or some Writing Tips.


That takes us to the second change: the Paper Plan.  We’ve streamlined the Paper Plan so that it’s no longer a series of to-do’s you have to complete (who needs more things in their to-do list?!).  While the new Paper Plan is still built off of the start and due dates of your paper, it’s now just a series of suggested dates.  You’ll see the suggested step for the current day and the next two steps you have coming up.  If you don’t want to be bothered with a plan, feel free to ignore or hide it altogether.  If it’s hidden, you’ll see a few random writing tips instead.


Lastly, we’ve updated the Paper Create modal so that you can enter in the three most important pieces of information right away: the title of your paper, the type of paper it is, and the day its due (yea, we just switched the Start and Due date fields).  We swapped them because now we’ve made the Start date a little smarter.  When you insert a Due Date, we’ll automatically suggest a start date for you.  If you don’t like it, you can still choose your own.  In your PERRLA Online Account Settings, you’ll find an option to set how many days you want to Start Date to automatically suggest.


And that’s it.  We combined the old Overview, To-Do’s, and Plan tabs into the new Overview tab, simplified the Paper Plan, and smartened up the Paper Start Date field.

We hope these changes make using PERRLA even better.  Thanks for watching and good writing!