Paper View is now the default PERRLA Online Editor

Over the past few months, we’ve been testing out a brand new version of the PERRLA Online and student feedback has been incredibly positive! Now, we are excited to announce that Paper View will be the new default editor in PERRLA Online.

Here’s a few things you may want to know about the brand new editor:

  • What’s included in Paper View
  • What’s changed for existing users
  • What to do if you run into a problem

What’s included in Paper View

We’re excited to announce that Paper View is now the default paper editor for PERRLA Online!  If you’re new to writing papers with PERRLA – great! Paper View should look and act similarly to word processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  If you’ve been using PERRLA Online for a while, there are two changes you’ll notice about our new Paper View Editor.

First, when looking at your paper, you’ll notice that it looks like an actual paper!  All the content that was separated into different tabs in the Normal Editor is now visible and editable in your paper.

So, if you need to edit your Title Page, go to the Title page and double-click it.  Want to add an Abstract – scroll between the body and title page (where an abstract goes) and click “Add Abstract”.  Same thing for editing References! Just double-click the reference in the Reference section page.

Seeing your paper as a paper should make managing each of its sections much easier!  Just so you know, while you can see page breaks between the different sections of your paper (like the Title page and the body), we add the page breaks inside the sections (like inside the body) when you download or print the finished paper – not while you’re working on it in the Editor .

OK – now, for the second change.  We’ve added a menubar! At the top of the editor, there’s a menubar with a number of writing options and tools.  Things like Showing Word count, adding paper sections, and more. Be sure you check it out the next time you’re writing.

What’s changed for existing users

Now that Paper View is the default editor for PERRLA Online, there are a few things that our existing users should know.

From now on, all of your papers will automatically use the new Paper View Editor.  This doesn’t change any of the content of your papers – it just changes how you work with them in PERRLA.  If you need a little more time with our legacy editor, for a little while, you can still choose which editor you prefer to use in your PERRLA Online settings.  However, we are no longer actively supporting our older editor and recommend that you switch to the Paper View Editor to get the best paper-writing experience with PERRLA Online.

What to do if you run into a problem

If you find something that can be improved or isn’t working right, please let us know!  Send us any feedback or bugs to our Support team through PERRLA Online or via email at

We know that Paper View will make writing papers even easier!  Thanks for watching and good writing!