The Syllabus Challenge

Some marketing claims are just that… “claims”.

When we said you could import your entire semester’s worth of Assignments, Papers, To-Do’s, Exams, and Reminders in less time than it takes to bake some Bagel Bites.  We weren’t blowing smoke. See for yourself.

The Rules:

  1. It must take less than14 minutes to import any syllabus – the time it takes to bake Bagel Bites in an oven (16 minutes in a toaster oven).
  2. The syllabi are from real students at liberal arts, professional, and online colleges/universities, including: Biology, Nursing, Art, English Literature, Social Work, Archaeology, Political Science, International Politics, and Information Technology.
  3. The syllabi come from Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. programs.
  4. Graysen (the user in the video) hasn’t read or practiced with any of the syllabi prior to recording – but he does know how to use the Syllabus Tool.


Quit wasting your time manually entering all your data.  

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